Since 2009 Constanta is a core participant in the high-tech M&A market in Russia. We provide transaction support for the largest technology and industrial companies, holdings and investment funds. The volume of such transactions amounted to about $ 10 billion. The total volume of transactions, within which Constanta acted as an exclusive adviser to sellers of assets amounted to more than $ 300 million.

Achieving the most favorable terms of the transaction is a complex process, the final result depends on the quality of each stage. We conducted and structured more than 50 transactions from initial negotiations and Due Diligence to the receipt of funds by clients, and provide professional support for the whole process, increasing the probability of successful closing and minimizing risks at each stage.

A deep understanding of the technology sector, history of its key transactions, experience of acquired assets integration, successes and failures in the implementation of the declared goals are all necessary elements for successful investment projects.

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Outsourcing and “uberisation”, shared economyB2B startupsIndustrial internet of thingsTMTFintechLegalTechMedTechCybersportProject stages: Round А, B, Exit

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